Our Services

Classy Critters is one of the only groomers in the area that support owners to say with their pets if they deem necessary. We will schedule a “One On” appointment to accommodate you and your pet.  We believe that regular grooming and bathing is essential for a healthy dog.  Not only does it keep them looking and smelling good it reduces the shedding and dander in your home.     We use only all natural shampoos and have a wide selection to fit your pet’s needs.

Walk in nail trimming/grinding at your convenience.

Hypoallergenic and or Oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skin, whitening shampoo to brighten the white coated dogs.  Deodorizing deep cleaning for the dirtiest of dogs! Special medicated shampoo from your vet will also be used.  Following each bath a deep conditioner is applied.


Spa Bathing:

Full calming soothing bath with massage.  Hand dried on table.  Paw-de cure: Nail trimming/grinding pads and top of feet. Ear cleaning flushing if necessary.  Anal gland expression as needed. Trim sanitary area. Complete brushing of undercoat-furminator.



Precise haircuts are available for all breads.

Our groomer will consult with you upon arrival to determine the perfect haircut for your pet. Whether it is a standard, light trim we are well experience and trained in the upmost safety, and welfare of your dog.  All dog are hand dry on table, and no cages are ever used!

dog-phonePricing depends on the breed condition of coat and the size of the dog.  Please call Classy Critters for pricing (847-540-7570).

A La Carte Spa Services: