Our Staff

Kathy Lersch: President / Owner of Classy Critters Inc.                                                

  • 20 years grooming experience
  • Certified Member of the Wauconda Citizens Emergency Response Team
  • Trained in Animal Emergency Disaster Planning
  • Animal Behavior/ Dog Training
  • Experienced Vet technician
  • Golden Retriever ‘Buddy’ is certified in Fire & Rescue/ Therapy dog

As owner and head groomer of Classy Critters, Kathy has been operating Classy Critters and grooming pets for twenty years and she has loved every minute of it. To this day Kathy continues learning, then mastering and then training. As a member of C.E.R.T (Citizens Emergency Response Team) Kathy became certified in: Animal Emergency Disaster, Animal Behavior/ Dog Training, First Aide and C.P.R. Kathy’s personal Golden Retriever ‘Buddy’ is certified in Fire and Rescue and is also a therapy dog.

Kathy’s experience and knowledge has enabled her to readily identify suspicious lumps sores and skin problems that need special attention. Her experience with special needs dogs, allows Classy Critters to stand out within her industry. Because of her unique qualifications, Classy Critters gladly accepts elderly dogs, feared breeds, and behaviorally challenged dogs and handle their grooming needs too. Kathy is committed to offering the best possible grooming experience to all of her clients and their beloved pets. As such, on any given day Kathy may be seen working together with a pet owner to accomplish a special need for a particular animal.

Kathy values the bond she forms with her clients (both the pet and its owner). Here’s how Kathy feels about the bond she develops with your pet;

“My personal goal twenty years ago and still in place today is that all dogs need to feel safe, and know that they are in the gentle hands of someone they can trust and who are sympathetic to their special needs. ‘Our pets are family!’ Our staff was drawn to this business because of their love for animals. ‘We love what we do.’ It brings joy and satisfaction when the dog turns and gives one of us a big doggie kiss! And we get a lot of them!”



Donna: Office Manager / Assistant

Donna’s love for dogs drew her to in to becoming Classy Critters newest staff member in June, 2013. Although technically ‘retired’ Donna was looking for a way to be involved with dogs in a happy healthy environment. In her key supportive role, Donna handles the daily office duties which of course includes all aspects of client/pet interface and customer service whether in-person or via the phone. Her thirty-eight years of experience in consulting small and large businesses has helped improve the overall efficiency and throughput at Classy Critters. And because of her wonderful personality, both our clients and their pets have grown to appreciate her as much as we do. Donna loves her seven pound Chihuahua named ‘Riley’.



Stacy: Office Bather / Groomers Assistant